Building DevOps Excellence

“DevOps” the latest buzz and the technology to drive the IT innovation in the next few years to come… so great time for all technology geeks to welcome 2016 and who knows it may be the biggest year of “DevOps” evolution. But with my personal experience and having a chat with technology stakeholders the most interesting and confusing aspect seems to be the dilemma of understanding of why we really need it and how we can attain DevOps excellence? Preconceived idea seems to be “combination of tools and skillset for operational excellence”. But on a larger picture it is the strategic excellence and investment that will bear the desired results for any organization. As we all know “strategy” is a plan of action designed to achieve desired results over a time period and analyzing your present is the first step towards success.

Why DevOps- Business Differentiator???

  1. Efficiency: Recent reports enlighten the business importance of DevOps where IT organizations experience 60X lesser failures and recovery from failure at an exceptional 168X faster than tradition methods.
  2. TCO: Deployment rate increases 30X more frequently with 200X diminished lead times.
  3. Innovation & Time to market: DevOps will help organization to move away from legacy methods of delivering business services which is slow, expensive and disconnected from customers related to dynamic business environment and user expectations. Major innovative companies like Amazon, Etsy, Facebook and Google foresee DevOps as a strategic investments across people, process and technologies, as a way to drive their desired business results and growth.
  4. Business growth: Study reveals an encouraging results of 52% increase in customer satisfaction and conversion with 43% more customer engagement and 38% growth in sales with successful DevOps excellence in the organization.


DevOps success can be attributed on following strategies:

  1. Analyze: Initial scrutiny of current software development process is must to find loop holes and chart out a plan for recovering it.
  2. DevOps roadmap: Execution of DevOps strategy with a focused roadmap leads to higher success rate. The main aim for successful execution is to diminish the inefficient hand-offs and traditional processes that hinders faster software delivery.
  3. Tools to succeed: Choosing right tool for a particular organization with focused area of automation processes also plays a major role in initial successes and grass root transformation towards DevOps success.
  4. Implementation: Successful DevOps implementation is a concept of streamlining software delivery process from design and build with stable production deployments and operation
  5. Sustenance strategy: Sustenance strategy for continuous excellence also plays a key part in DevOps triumph.

DevOps “Mission accomplished” when the software delivery cycle reduces from months to hours (not even days) as per business need.


DevOps is perceived as a combination of technologies and processes to be agile and fast. But the real value point of DevOps lies in excelling business growth of an organization and it can only be achieved if we implement a proper “strategy” way forward.

Wish you all a great time ahead, your feedback will be appreciated….

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